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About Us

LP Internet Solutions is a professional & innovative consulting firm providing start-ups & small businesses with a specialized and custom range of Internet marketing services. We produce an all-encompassing path to success in managing your online presence or enhancing your current one.

At LP Internet Solutions we work one on one with our clientele to customize their needs, goals, initiatives, time line, analytics and more.

Walking a client through the process while also educating them on the steps needed to succeed is crucial and benefits both parties in building a strong and long-term relationship.

At LP Internet Solutions, we bring a combined 15 years of industry experience to the table and adapt to the ever changing and competitive Internet landscape.


LP Internet Solutions have been great to work with. I started working with them 10 months ago and they have taken my website and social media presence to a new level. My website has been completed revamped and looks fantastic. While maintaining an effective SEO campaign they have also created an enhanced Facebook page to increase my exposure….Read More..

Kathleen Malone
Kathleen MaloneKathleen Malone Real EstateKathleen Malone - Chicago Real Estate

I am a Chiropractor in Chicago who wanted to consistently rank in Google’s map section (A-G). I also needed hep with my pay per click campaign, social media campaigns and refreshing the look and feel of my web site. Jamie and Tim work tirelessly to give you exactly what you want and need both with graphics and back end coding… Read More..

Dr. Michael Kauf
Dr. Michael KaufOwner -Chicago ChiropracticChicago Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Starting a business with little more than passion for what you do was nerve racking for us here at Rebell Strength and Conditioning. We were driven by our dislike for the way our previous corporate employers treated our clients and had little to no interaction with them outside of monthly billing statements. Because of that, we have been very strict with who we choose to do business with… Read More..

Mike Connelly
Mike Connelly Co-Owner/Instructor Rebell Strength & ConditioningRebell - Real Life Conditioning
  • Discovery

    In initial stage is where we determine your goals and objectives for the web site and begin to collect and analyze the information you’ll need to justify the budget and resources required. This is also the time to define the scope of the site content, the interactive functionality and technology support required.

  • Design

    In this step, the visual face of the website design is realized. All creative design and copy elements are created based on the information and goals established in the Website Project Discovery Research and Website Structure & Wire Frame phases. The website wireframe design is then approved, refined and tested.

  • Functionality

    Here, we put all the pieces together and make them work. Production merges content, web design and HTML/Programming into the completed site. In this step, we take care of the behind-the-screen technical implementation (database, server environment, etc). We test for usability best practices and collect user feedback, and use this to iron out any kinks.

  • Launch

    Once the site has been tested and approved, we prepare for launch. Staff training takes place in this phase as well. We train your IT department or staff personal who will be in charge of managing content in all aspects of updating and maintain the new site.

  • Support

    After the launch phase we provide support in forms of written documentation as well as video tutorials.

Some of the Clients we’ve worked with.